MM Agencies offers skid-mounted compressors in the range of 475 to 1500 cfm, which are designed for mounting on drill rigs or utility trucks. These compressors are ideally suited for applications like water well drilling, CBM/oil and gas exploration, and construction and mining.

ELGi is the only company that offers both single and two-stage compressors in this range, and it is a preferred choice for drill rig OEMs globally.

One of the significant advantages of our skid-mounted compressors is their ease of use. They come with a centralized control panel, which makes them simple to operate. Forklift slots are provided for easy placement on a utility truck or drill rig unit, and the engines come with an international warranty.

Our skid-mounted compressors are also designed for easy maintenance. They come with large access doors that make it easy to perform maintenance tasks. The industrial-grade steel and powder-coated canopy offer maximum corrosion protection and durability.

ELGi's skid-mounted compressors are highly reliable and can work in the most demanding of work sites. They come equipped with energy-efficient eta V profile airends, which reduce energy consumption and operating costs while providing maximum output.


  • CBM/oil & gas exploration
  • Construction & mining
  • Water well drilling
  • Forklift slots provided for ease of placing unit on a utility truck or drill rig unit
  • Centralized control panel for ease of use
  • Engines come with international warranty
  • Large access doors for ease of maintenance
  • Complete range covering single stage models up to 250 psi and two stage models above 250 psi
  • Industrial grade steel and powder coated canopy for maximum corrosion protection and durability
  • Energy efficient eta V profile airends
  • Highly reliable and works in the most demanding of work sites
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Skid Mounted Compressors for Water well drilling