How does a high pressure piston compressor work?

High pressure reciprocating compressors work on the principle of reciprocating motion. They use a piston that moves back and forth within a cylinder to compress gas. During the compression process, the gas is drawn into the cylinder, compressed, and then discharged into a storage tank or pipeline. The process is repeated until the desired pressure is achieved.

These compressors can range in size from small portable units to large stationary machines. They may also have multiple cylinders and stages to achieve higher pressures. Materials used in construction are often high strength alloys or stainless steel to withstand the high pressures and corrosive gases.

Advantages of high pressure piston compressor

The main benefit of a high pressure reciprocating compressor is its ability to produce high-pressure gas or air. These compressors are also very efficient, with low operating costs and high reliability. They can operate continuously for long periods of time, making them suitable for industrial applications that require high volumes of compressed gas.


High pressure reciprocating compressors are commonly used in a variety of industrial applications, including oil and gas pipelines, chemical plants, plastic and packaging and power plants. They are also used in genset starting and PET blowing. Additionally, they can be used for filling high-pressure gas cylinders and as boosters for other types of compressors.

If you need a high-pressure compressor for your industrial operation, ELGI high pressure reciprocating compressor is the right choice.These compressors are suitable for usage in the range of 30-40 bar

  • Plastic & packaging industry
  • Circuit breaking
  • Thermal power projects
  • Genset starting
  • PET blowing
  • Sealed safety valves for operational safety
  • Slow running speed
  • Efficient cooling system with deep finned cylinders and interstage/afterstage coolers
  • Proven design backed by more than 3 decades of experience
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