Oil-free compressors from ELGi are available for its customers who need small quantities of oil-free air for sophisticated equipment like dental chairs and laboratory equipment. The dry sump design of these compressors ensures that compressed air is delivered without contamination by oil. These compressors are suitable for light-duty applications.


  • Dental
  • Fermenters
  • Gas, Liquid and Ion Chromatography
  • Food Processing
  • Small, Sophisticated Laboratory Equipment
  • Compact size, direct drive
  • Durable aluminium body
  • Piston rings of unique design
  • Robust motor
  • Reed valve
  • Aluminium cylinder head and cylinders with deep fins
  • Tropicalised
  • Handle with rubber grip
  • Wide network
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1-4 HP Single-Stage Direct Drive Oil-Free Piston Compressors