ATS ELGI Electro – Hydraulic Clear Floor with CE Certification complies with the European Standards with respect to safety, health, environment & consumer protection. This hoist is used for lifting vehicles to any comfortable working height up to 6 feet, leaving head room for complete under-chassis access.


  • Muffler repair
  • Rust – proofing operation
  • Transmission repair
  • Any other repair calling for a wheel free condition
  • Clear floor design- Makes working beneath the vehicle easy
  • Arm resistant on each arm engages when the vehicles is lifted
  • Separate power panel ensures more safety from electrical hazard.Dead man controls system- 24 V DC
  • Equipped with Hose bust valve to prevent damage from hose / crimping end failure
  • Manual release locking system for two sides
  • Two full stroke cylinders- one in each column
  • Rubber pad for door opening protection
  • Telescopic Arm pads for quick and easy vehicle contacts
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Two Post Hydraulic Lift 4 Ton Clear Floor CE