ATS ELGI specializes in the production of quality spot welders. Spot welding is a technique used to fuse metal surfaces by creating heat through the resistance caused by an electrical current. This process is widely used because it provides a strong and reliable bond between the metals being joined.

The energy level is carefully selected to align with the sheet's unique material characteristics, thickness, and electrode type. Insufficient energy when welding metal can lead to a substandard weld or might not even liquefy the metal. It is crucial to provide adequate energy to ensure a high-quality weld. Applying too much energy will melt too much metal, eject molten material, and make a hole rather than a weld.  ATS ELGi spot welders make the process easy and reliable.


Spot welders are widely used in the automobile industry. They provide a strong and reliable weld and are suitable for all models of cars. Other common applications of spot welders include sheet straightening, screws and rivets welding, and stainless steel sheet metal welding.

  • The digital control unit is based on a microprocessor, offering enhanced capabilities. It incorporates a double program that allows independent utilization of two functions, namely the Gun and Spotter operations.
  • The inclusion of a pneumatic locking gun ensures impeccable clamping and accurate spotting. Additionally, the welding cables provided are highly flexible, enabling easy maneuverability during operations.
  • The welding current can be adjusted according to specific requirements, allowing for optimal performance.
  • This unit is capable of welding up to 3 x 3 mm sheet thickness, thanks to its higher welding current, which effortlessly handles thicker sheets.
  • Increased clamping force ensures superior welding results.
  • Improved accessibility to welding parts enhances efficiency during welding processes.
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Transformer Spot Welder for Stainless steel sheet metals spotting