MM Agencies offers a prep station that is used for carrying out all preparatory works before painting in applications such as automotive body shops and quick repair shops. Prep stations are designed with various stages of filtration based on the application. The air from the station undergoes these stages before exhaust, thereby reducing harmful effects on the environment.


  • Automotive Bodyshops , Industries
  • Sanding & Small painting jobs
  • Quick repair bays in body shop
  • Downdraft type
  • 3 sided wall with PVC curtain
  • Ceiling filter , base filter , pre-filter and pocket filter
  • 3 level of filtration in drying mode
  • 4 level of filtration in painting mode
  • Pneumatically operated automatic dampener control
  • Suitable for minor paint repair jobs , ensures quick repair thus increasing the productivity
  • Integral drive on ramp to reduce installation space
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Flame proof PVC curtains
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Prep Station for Automotive Bodyshops