MM Agencies takes pride in offering a state-of-the-art prep station that serves as an essential tool for carrying out preparatory works before painting in diverse applications, including automotive body shops and quick repair shops. Our prep stations are meticulously designed with multiple stages of filtration, tailored to the specific requirements of each application.

By subjecting the air within the station to these filtration stages before being exhausted, we effectively minimize the detrimental impact on the environment. Whether you operate in automotive body shops, industrial sanding, small painting jobs, or quick repair bays within a body shop, our prep stations provide the optimal solution for your needs.


  • Automotive Bodyshops , Industries
  • Sanding & Small painting jobs
  • Quick repair bays in body shop
  • Efficient airflow control: The downdraft design and PVC curtains prevent the spread of contaminants and overspray.
  • Enhanced filtration system: Multiple filters clean the air, removing particles of all sizes.
  • Versatility: Switch between drying and painting modes, each with different levels of filtration.
  • Automatic dampener control: Regulates airflow for optimal ventilation and consistency.
  • Increased productivity: Quick repairs in a clean environment reduce downtime.
  • Space optimization: Integral drive on ramp saves installation space.
  • Safety measures: Emergency stop switch and flame-proof PVC curtains ensure safety.
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Prep Station for Automotive Bodyshops