In body shops, plastic bumpers are commonly repaired instead of replaced to save costs. The Plastic Fusion Fully Loaded system can be used to fuse and repair damaged plastic bumpers effectively. It ensures strong and durable connections, allowing technicians to restore the bumper's structural integrity and appearance.

Uses of Plastic Fusion Fully Loaded

  • Interior Component Repair: It repairs and restores damaged door panels, center consoles, and dashboard parts by fusing the damaged areas, extending the lifespan of interior components, and maintaining the vehicle's aesthetic appeal.
  • Plastic Welding: The system performs precise and strong plastic welding, joining parts and reinforcing weak areas. It effectively repairs cracks, splits, or breaks in plastic components.
  • Custom Fabrication: The system enables fusing plastic materials for custom fabrication projects, allowing the creation of unique body kit components or modifications to existing parts, achieving seamless integration with the vehicle's body.
  • Structural Repairs: These play a crucial role in repairing and reinforcing plastic structural elements, such as support brackets or reinforcements. The system ensures reliable fusion, restoring the original strength and integrity of the component.


  • Bumpers
  • Grills
  • Head light repair
  • Integrated staples
  • Adjustment of power settings for different hard plastics
  • Different staples for reinforcing plastic
  • High profitability – avoids replacement by repairing plastic parts
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Plastic Fusion Fully Loaded