We offer ATS ELGI’s Nitrogen tyre inflator. The capacity is 3500 litres per hour and they produce 97% pure Nitrogen. Capable of inflating 2 tyres simultaneously, it meets the user's needs and extends tyre life.


  • 2W
  • PCV
  • LCV
  • Tyre Shops
  • Automatic Nitrogen tyre inflating systems
  • Generate Nitrogen by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)technique
  • Integrated storage tank for nitrogen gas
  • Integrated vacuum system for removing air out of tyre before inflating with nitrogen
  • High grade filter separation unit
  • Nitrogen/Air – dual filling system
  • In-built digital counter
  • On demand real time purity indicator
  • Inlet & outlet pressure indicator
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Nitrogen tyre Inflator machine for car