MM Agencies provides ATS ELGI Mig Mag Welders, which are renowned for their exceptional performance. Inverter welders have gained significant popularity due to their superior welding power and energy efficiency. They offer a compact and lightweight design, making them highly convenient.


The ATS ELGI Mig Mag Welders offer a wide range of applications, including welding steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. They are well-suited for use in automobile body shops, garages, and various industries. These welders are particularly effective for welding cut- open body panels and joining body parts together. Additionally, they can perform spot welding in areas that are inaccessible to regular spot welders.

  • The control system of the unit is specifically designed to provide precise adjustment of the arc length, allowing for fine-tuning as needed.
  • It is equipped with a power factor correction design, ensuring efficient energy usage.
  • The inclusion of a high-quality torch guarantees a flawless finish in welding applications.
  • The unit supports wire reels weighing up to 5 kg and with a diameter of 300 mm, providing convenience and flexibility during operations.
  • Both the wire feeder unit and cylinder stand are included as standard components, offering added convenience and functionality.
  • The unit also features an automatic setting of welding parameters, simplifying the setup process therefore consistently delivering high-quality welds.
  • the unit is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and use in various working environments.
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Inverter MIG -MAG Welders machine