Infrared dryers are an essential tool in body shops to achieve amazing paint job quality in a remarkably short amount of time. Unlike the traditional paint booth method where hot air is blown onto the painted surface from top to bottom, infrared dryers use radiation to provide uniform heat distribution for a faster and smoother paint-drying process.


This equipment is ideal for use in automotive body shops, garages, and industrial settings. It can be used for drying putty, primer, paint, and clear coat quickly and efficiently. It is particularly useful for single panel jobs, providing a reliable and effective way to speed up the drying process.

If you are looking to improve the productivity and efficiency of your workshop or garage, ATS ELGI Infrared Dryers are worth considering.

  • Usage of Short Wave Infrared Technology provides rapid and efficient drying of putty and paint coatings.
  • Features an Automatic Distance Sensor which enhances safety and helps maintain the quality of the finish.
  • LED Display provides clear and easy-to-read information, making it convenient to monitor and control the drying process.
  • Electronic Timers allow precise control over the drying time. This ensures consistent and accurate drying results.
  • The dryers offer digital power setting options, enabling precise control over the intensity of the infrared heat. This feature allows for customized drying based on specific requirements.
  • A hydraulic lifter included in the dryers, allows for easy adjustment of the height and position of the drying lamps. This feature enhances flexibility and accessibility during the drying process.
  • The dryers are designed to rotate up to 300 degrees, allowing for even distribution of heat and thorough drying.

The dryers can efficiently dry putty and paint coatings in as little as 5 and 10 minutes, respectively. They are built with reliable components, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements. With their fast drying capabilities and efficient features, ATS ELGI Infrared Dryers allow for quicker turnaround times and increased output.

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