ATS ELGI offers dent-pulling equipment that helps in repairing dents on vehicles. These tools are designed to efficiently and effectively remove dents without damaging the surrounding paint or panels. They can be used to repair both minor and medium damages.


  • To repair dents that are caused by minor accidents, hail damage, and other types of shallow or moderate dents.
  • To straighten the panels that have been warped or have minor deformations.
  • Paintless Dent Repair.
  • HIn collision repair scenarios.
  • This machine is available in manual mode and automatic mode.
  • In Automatic Mode, programs such as washer welding and wavy wire welding have already been configured and are ready to use. The user has to select the required option.
  • In Manual Mode, the user can adjust the power and welding time settings as per specific needs.
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Dent Pulling System