ATS ELGI quick bench with direct clamping is a versatile and efficient solution for various work applications. It features a vertical pulling tower that allows for effective pulling at all heights, ensuring optimal accessibility and convenience. With its automatic height adjustment capability, the bench adapts effortlessly to different work requirements, saving time and effort. One of the standout features of this bench is its quick mounting time, which takes only 4-5 minutes.


  • Suitable for all models of passenger cars , SUV and MPV
  • All major crashes can be repaired
  • Quick insertion of buffer pads as well as clamps without lifting up the vehicle as it is only 10 mm high from the ground
  • Possibility to fix every model present on the market, even commercial ones & SUV, thanks to the optional universal kit
  • Vehicle pinch weld and its plastic protection aren’t damaged, anchoring in the vehicle most resistant structural points,possible to anchor on 4
  • Mechanic points with the optional Universal anchoring kit
  • Rapid with small accidents
  • Compatible with Electronic Measuring system TOUCH, it becomes a very comfortable diagnosis, reparation & certification centre
  • Reduced repair time
  • Reduced repair cost
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CRS Quick Bench DT