As authorized dealers of automatic car washing machines, MM Agencies is proud to offer the "Smartwash-GT" - a next-generation touchless car wash system that raises the standard of car wash quality. Here are some of its features:

A brushless version of ATS ELGI's popular "Smartwash" automatic car washer

  • Contour-following water nozzles for a thorough wash
  • Indigenous foam spray for superior cleaning
  • Profile-sensing drier for effective drying
  • Sturdy construction for durability and reliability
  • Improved washing efficiency saves utilities and time

These features make the Smartwash-GT an effective and efficient automatic car wash system that is popular among our customers.


Corrosion resistant Hot dipped galvanized structure

  • Stainless Steel precision nozzles
  • Wax to improve reflective index
  • Optimized flow control in side and top blower
  • Increased Productivity( 3-7 minute operation time)
  • Reduced water consumption ( 85 liters to 130 liters per car )
  • Reduced labor costs ( Only one operator needed )
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